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The Living Lab is a site for practical testing of energy management relevant applications and communication related to digital grid connection. It enables testing of devices and systems all along the energy chain, from energy supply and grid operation to the grid connection point up to end-device level. This allows the testing and creation of consistency of standards. The lab offers testing on a technology-neutral basis. Current focus lies on communication and technical application regulations based on the VDE AR 2829-6. However, testing of other communication technologies is also possible.

Interoperability and functionality of standardised communication is verified in two parallel approaches:

  1. Our on-site test set-up (e.g. provided by Exceeding Solutions) consisting of a simulated grid operator, a Gateway Administrator and an External Market Participant up to end device simulation (e.g. provided by KEO) permits you to fully test the integrality of your devices and systems
  2.  Our Plugfests are regularly organised within our Lab premises allowing you to carry out tests and release final communication specifications before being made available to the general public

Living Lab Cologne Logo


Living Lab Cologne Logo



Device manufacturers and system providers – active in the context of the digital grid connection point – who are basing their products on standardised communication interfaces are welcome to test the interoperability of their devices and systems within our Lab. The Lab further serves as a meeting point for representatives of regulations and standardisation bodies. The Lab permits decision takers to have an overview of technical feasibility according to the Lab results for implementation into upcoming regulations and laws. Installers will play an active role in our lab activities, as we provide them with training and knowledge about connectivity of energy management relevant devices – independent of the manufacturer brand. Registration processes of single devices or systems at the grid operator are also taught.

Our Lab set-up will allow you to test the technical feasibility and practicability of energy-relevant communication infrastructure and its end-to-end functionality. By considering and implementing up to date regulatory requirements in real devices and testing them in a systemic context, we pave the way for energy systems.

Living Lab Cologne Logo


Living Lab Cologne Logo


 The Living Lab Cologne was initiated as a funded research project by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) in 2022 under the name of  ‚AnwendungsRegel Netz- Integration mit Markt und Kundeninteresse’ (ARNi). Since then it is succesfully operated by the EEBUS Initiative.

Impressions of the September Plugfest:

Impressions of the LIVINGLAB Kick-off event:

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